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Register your .com .net .org .biz .info .us .ws .it .tv .me .name or .asia (42 TLDs available) domain today, starting at US$19.95 per year. (For full list of gTLD names available through NetResult Web Marketing, see Exhibit A.) Simply key in the domain name you want in the banner below, such as michaelsbargains. No need to select a suffix (like .com), as .com will be the default search, as well as returning information on other gTLD suffixes—42 TLDs available. Then press the "Find" button. The Domain Registrar will then show you the availability of the domain. (For a larger list, click "Show more alternatives..." in the Search Results.) You then have the option to immediately register the name you want.

BEFORE buying/renewing your domain name with NetResult Web Marketing, you MUST read and agree with the terms listed in Exhibit A: a legal document and a legal requirement, showing policies, prices and procedures. Please visit Exhibit A now to learn more.

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Transfer your registrar and pay starting at only US$19.95 per year for your domain registration (depending on the Top-Level-Domain you use). Transfer Registrar Now

  1. The above "Transfer Registrars" link will take you to a Web page stating: Find your perfect Web address!
  2. Next look for the "Transfer Domain" gray-box and click it
  3. Next type in your domain in the text-entry-field box and click the Next button
  4. Click in the checkbox next to the domain name you want to transfer registrars
  5. Click the Done button
  6. You will continue to be presented the steps for setting up your new Domain Registrar Account with NetResult Web Marketing, which is part of the Registrar Transfer process. This process requires authorization from your prior Registrar and confirmation of this Registrar Transfer from you. This can take anywhere from a couple of hours, or several days, depending on the responsiveness of yourself and your prior Registrar.
  7. Should you have any questions during this process, or need assistance, phone (360) 967-2399 to speak with NetResult Web Marketing technical support in Toutle, Washington, U.S.A.

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