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225% More Energy!

Exogenous Ketones & Nutritional Ketosis:
Tools to Optimize Athletic Performance

Attention Athletes!

The new science of Nutritional Ketosis discovers the boost of 225% more energy! Here's some of the ongoing research with keto performance currently being done: USF Researcher Joins NASA Deep-Sea Mission.

Carb loading just hit the wall! As the evidence emerges, more world class athletes are adopting ketogenic strategies for athletic performance. Learn more with the movie RUN ON FAT - Cereal Killers 2.


KETOCAFÉ from ForeverGreen offers a variety of keto-products helping you to easily and quickly reach nutritional ketosis, stay in nutritional ketosis, and love nutritional ketosis!

  • Ketopia™, your complete 7-day arsenal, providing you breakfast (KetonX), Digestive Enzymes, mid-morning snack (Dough Bites) and lunch with KetoCream shake or FIXX®. LEARN MORE
  • KetonX, providing exogenous ketones quickly placing you into nutritional ketosis. LEARN MORE
  • Digestive Enzymes. LEARN MORE
  • Dough Bites containing fiber, zero impact carbs and prebiotics (Dough Bites currently not available.)LEARN MORE
  • KetoCream shake, a delicious vanilla and white chocolate taste with protein, MCT oils and fats. LEARN MORE
  • FIXX® shake, a delicious 24-Karate® Chocolate energy shake with 12 grams of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics. LEARN MORE
  • KetoBooster, a liquid combination of BHB salts and MCT oils, with the same exogenous ketones found in KetonX, but as a spray-bottle application for quick utilization. LEARN MORE
  • KetoPM, an exclusive tincture of hemp oil, marine phytoplankton, and ketone-driving MCT oils designed to deliver the rest you need. (KetoPM currently not available.) LEARN MORE

Quick Overview of Some of the KetoCafé Products

Which Do I Choose?

For Weight Loss

Needing help deciding? If you're looking for weight-loss, and the price for a Ketopia™ box is more than what you're interested in paying, you can always start out small. Try a box of KetonX, which contains 7 packages of exogenous ketones in two different flavors: 4 orange, 3 raspberry [cost: $79.95]. This will be your breakfast drink which gets your body into nutritional ketosis in around 1-hour.

Soon after ordering KetonX, you'll receive a thank you email from me, with the download link for your FREE copy of the KETO FOODS & RECIPES eBook. With this eBook, you can begin to plan your daily keto-friendly meals and snacks—while you're waiting for your KetonX box to arrive. This is a lower-cost option. You won't have the ease the full Ketopia™ package provides with enzymes, snack and lunch drink, but you'll be able to begin your journey into weight loss when KetonX making your own snacks, lunch and dinners you can learn about in the KETO FOODS & RECIPES eBook.

For Keto Performance

For keto performance, it all depends on your goals. KetonX gets you into nutritional ketosis. KetoBooster helps you stay in nutritional ketosis while additionally boosting your energy and mental clarity. The KetoCream and FIXX® shakes work as snacks/meals or a delicious treat helping you to maintain your nutritional ketosis. KetoPM is a natural sleep aid. Digestive Enzymes benefit your digestion. So, YOU choose which tools can best target your goals!

Dr. Winterton's
Personal Testimony of Keto Performance

What Is Nutritional Ketosis?
(Nerdy info for people like me!)

Nutritional ketosis is a natural state within the body, where some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies. In other words, Ketosis is a nutritional process with serum concentrations of ketone bodies over 0.5 mM, with low and stable levels of insulin and blood glucose.
(See )

There are 3 energy pathways in the body:

  • Phosphagen system: uses stored creatine phosphate (CP). No carbs or fat used in this process.
  • Glycolysis: carbohydrates from blood sugar (glucose), or muscle glycogen (the stored form of glucose) are broken down to form pyruvate, producing quick energy (ATP—adenosine triphosphate)
  • Aerobic system: the most complex and the slowest way to resynthesize ATP, but produces 18 times more ATP (energy) than anaerobic glycolysis. Fat is a major fuel for the aerobic system, and is stored as triglyceride. When using fat for energy, triglycerides are broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol through a process called lipolysis. The oxidation of free fatty acids produces many more ATPs than oxidation of glucose or glycogen.

For full details on these 3 energy pathways see:

What Is Nutritional Ketosis?
(The Simple Explanation)

So, when your body receives very few carbs, it cannot use glucose to supply all your energy needs. Then your body’s fat cells get broken down in your liver to produce ketones (AKA: ketone bodies). Your body then uses those ketones for energy, which produce 225% MORE ENERGY than glucose! Ya! Ya! Ya!

Nutritional Ketosis VS
Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

Nutritional ketosis is VERY DIFFERENT from diabetic ketoacidosis. Nutritional ketosis is when the blood level beta hydroxybutyrate (ketones) is at a level of 0.5 to 3.0 mM/liter.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is life-threatening and very dangerous; where the blood ketone level is over 10, and typically in the 20 to 30 range. These high levels are NOT ATTAINABLE in nutritional ketosis. Nutritional ketosis IS SAFE!

The Keto Answer Book

Ketopia™ is a unique weight-loss program enabling you to enter nutritional ketosis in as little as one hour, helps you sustain nutritional ketosis, providing satiation throughout the day, and nutrients you need. Learn more about Ketopia

Ketopia™ and KetoCafé products, are great tools to quickly enter nutritional ketosis, and for maintaining it throughout the day. In addition to using these tools, we need to better understand how our bodies work in nutritional ketosis; and by transitioning our eating habits to the ketogenic eating lifestyle, we can enjoy more energy on a daily basis, increase mental and physical performance, and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

The ketogenic eating lifestyle of 70% healthy fats, 25% protein and 5% carbs from vegetables, also known as the Low Carb High Fat diet (LCHF), or the Ketogenic Diet, can be difficult for people to maintain without a full regimen of eating choices that are enjoyable—and delicious!

So, I developed this FREE eBook, to help myself and others, to enjoyably reach their target weight and performance goals. With the FREE KETO FOODS & RECIPES eBook, you’ll find 63 links to nutritional education information, and 262 links to online recipes in the following categories:


How to Get KETOCAFÉ Products

With every new customer buying Ketopia™* or trying out any KetoCafé* product, I’ll email you the link where you can download a FREE copy of my KETO FOODS & RECIPES eBook. Or, even to any new customer trying out any of the other exceptional products of ForeverGreen International, I’ll still email you the link to download a FREE copy of KETO FOODS & RECIPES!

(My download email will come separate from your purchase receipt email. It might take me a few hours to get my download email to you, sorry, but it will get there!)

*Ketopia™ and KetoCafé products are not available in all countries. (Shopping cart will inform you.)

Ready to increase your energy 225%?

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