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Pain Management

A Class I. Medical Device for Minor Aches and Pains!

PowerStrips™ fuse modern technology and ancient energies into a uniquely designed 5-1/4" x 3-5/8" strip to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

"I could feel relief within minutes from muscle-strain and sore, lower-back pain. Due to the gentle, all-natural adhesive on PowerStrips™, I had no skin problems upon removing the 'patch'—compared to 'bandage type' products. Because of this, it's easy to use on a repeat basis. I always keep PowerStrips™ around for the emergency relief of an unexpected pain-episode."—Jim Christopherson

How PowerStrips™ Work by Dr. Adam Saucedo

What Sets Apart PowerStrips™


The element Germanium has optical properties, and is transparent to heat—in the same way the eyeglasses allow white-light to flow through it—Germanium allows heat to flow through it! The heat rising off the body goes in and through the Germanium, as it does that, two things happen:

  1. the energy is bent and redirected toward the body
  2. and the heat is broken down into its component parts—the most important part is the long-wave heat (far infrared light).

As far infrared light has a higher-heat value, the far infrared light is enabled to increase HEAT DEEP into the tissues. This long-wave heat (far infrared light) penetrates back into the body 8 to 10cm (approx. 3.9 inches).

As the heat interacts with your tissues,

  • this causes blood vessels to dilate,
  • increasing blood, oxygen and nutrition to cells, and
  • effectively removing cell waste—getting rid of lactic acid!
  • Along with endorphins increasing,
  • nitric oxide levels are also being elevated,
  • all contributing factors in pain relief and muscle relaxation.
  • Plus, PowerStrips™ have an all-natural adhesive layer making them safe for daily use.

Capsaicin & Red Ginseng

PowerStrips™ also aid in the look and feel of skin. Capsaicin has topical effects which can be anti-microbial, decrease topical bacteria, decrease topical viruses, decrease topical fungi and increase the topical environment. The Korean Red Ginseng can produce topical anti-inflammatory effects, topical protection against photoageing of skin, improved skin firmness and improved appearance of redness and fine lines.

Alpha3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton

With vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and marine phytoplankton—this represents unrivaled nutrition—and is a topical antioxidant, topical anti-allergy, topical anti-inflammatory, evens out skin tones and improves smoothness of skin.

The Germanium, marine phytoplankton and red ginseng in PowerStrips™ help in providing temporary relief of common ailments, such as sore muscles, achy joints, common back and body aches, stiffness and inflammation.

Target Your Point-Of-Pain

Developed by a biologist in Korea, PowerStrips™ create a perfect pain relief environment for your body. The synergy in PowerStrips™ uses your own body heat to amplify pain relieving results.

What is a Class I. Medical Device?

The FDA classifies medical devices. There are 3 main classifications: Class I, Class II and Class III. The classification is assigned depending on the level of risk associated with the device, such as:

  • The length of time the device will be used
  • Is the device surgically invasive?
  • If the device is active, or surgically implantable
  • If the device contains medicinal substances

Class I devices are considered at the LOWEST LEVEL OF RISK, therefore needing the lowest level of regulatory control. Examples of Class I devices are: elastic bandages, dental floss, enemas.

Learn more about Medical Device Classification.

Pain Relief for Athletes

PowerStrips™ are great for golf players, runners, basketball, football, soccer, name it! Easy to use, and a convenient mode of applying a pain relief "patch" right to the point of pain.

Get your own "mobile infrared technology" and
place the power on the point of pain!


Are you ready for relief?

Here's How To Get POWERSTIPS™:

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