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 iPad Tablet Training
 Video Tutorials

Trying to learn how to use your iPad on your own?

iPad is probably the most useful little helper to come along in decades—but with no instructions!

Get 19 professionally produced iPad video lessons to place the power of iPad into your fingertips!



No Shipping - Simply Immediate Download

 Each video is clear and concise, introducing you to one function at a time

 Video training designed simple for everyone—from Grandma to the Business Professional

 Save hundreds of dollars of wasted time if you use your iPad for business

 Download the entire 19-video package and you can master the important features of iPad within minutes!

 Discover all your iPad can do...

  • 19 video lessons for INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  • Fully customize your iPad
  • Zoom, snap and organize photos with ease
  • Keep up to date with all your events and appointments at a glance
  • Store contact info for all your friends, family and colleagues and contact them in myriad different ways
  • Ensure you can quickly connect to any available network in your area
  • Set up your very own Wi-Fi hot spot to allow anyone in your area to access the Internet
  • Constantly keep in contact with fellow iPad, iPod and iPhone users through Apple’s iMessage app, as well as create or configure your email account
  • Crank the tunes either through your iPad’s speaker, headphones or even your home sound system
  • Find out where you’re at and how to get where you’re going with a minimum of grief, (including how to drop pins on the map for instant access.)
  • Get the current weather conditions and forecast, no matter where you are
  • Harness the amazing power of iPad apps – how to find them, buy them, and get them up and running
  • How to put your iPad in airplane mode
  • Keep your most treasured photos near and dear by using them as wallpaper on your iPad
  • Set your iPad to display text in a larger font, or even talk back to you
  • Instantly search your iPad for any scrap of info you happen to need, (messages, videos, apps, contacts, you name it.)
  • Connect external devices, like a headset or a full-size keyboard or Bluetooth, to your iPad easily; … And much more besides!

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee



If you don't master your iPad, contact Frank Vallance at Tablet Training within 60 days and receive full refund. No questions asked.

Discover all your iPad can do...

iPad Video Training with Frank Vallance




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Keyboard Shortcuts
Reduce mouse click repetitive injury by spreading finger labors with keyboard shortcuts
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Fun Emoticons and Acronyms
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