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Learn Photoshop with
Graphics Champ Video Tutorials

Become a Master Graphics Artist with the Easy-To-Follow Graphics Champ Method

Acquire the skills to design Web sites, album covers,
t-shirts, Web site buttons, banners, flyers, CD covers, touch-up photos, create corporate seals, create advertisements—fast!

 15 individual video lessons.

 Hundreds of skill-building exercises develop you into a Graphics Master for Photoshop and Graphic Design!

 Access the exclusive and growing library of quick start templates FOR FREE!

Learn How To:

  • Create Web sites
  • Create Web site buttons
  • Cut out backgrounds
  • Create banners for the Web
  • Create logos
  • Create Corporate Seals
  • Fix and touch-up photos
  • Create ads
  • Create t-shirt designs
  • Create CD/DVD covers
  • Design cartoons
  • Create animations
  • Create moving texts, special effects and much more!
Unlock Your Creative Genius!



Every digital artist needs to understand and know how to manipulate layers, history, actions, tools and brushes to become a Graphics Master. Learning these skills can be challenging and frustrating, but with the Graphics Champ method you can quickly and easily acquire these skills!

For Beginners or Advanced Artists, learn or improve your skills with these strategic resources:

  1. The Graphics Champ Multimedia Program. Become a master at graphic design in just a short amount of time! You get powerful video lessons, with action-packed step by step methods in all different areas of graphic design. You will learn how to design any banner, Web site art, ad, ecover, t-shirt or album cover quickly and easily, with excellent technique! Graphics Champ is equipped with instructions for all stages of learning and a frequently updated members database, filled with the best resources available for the modern graphic designer!
  2. 15 high-quality action-packed video lessons. Graphics Champ has produced the best video lessons for graphic design on the planet; including all styles, all applications and a detailed attack plan of techniques.
  3. The VideoEditingMaster Program. With VideoEditingMaster, you will also learn video editing! VideoEditingMaster comes complete with a detailed comprehensive system to editing video with Final Cut Pro and full documentation to make your educational journey quick and easy. Download the entire system including a complete collection of video lessons.
  4. Exclusive Documented Resources. Download more than 1000 of the best original documented resources providing complete understanding of cloning, tracing, duplicating, effecting and more!
  5. Unlimited membership to our database with new monthly updates!

Your one-time payment gets you instant access to the Graphics Champ video database. Then download the videos you want to use—even as many times as you want! New videos and new resources get added to the database too. You get access to all this for just a small, one-time payment.

Do it today!

Instant Download! Let the fun begin!

Graphics Champ
Photoshop Video Tutorials

ONLY $29.95



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Keyboard Shortcuts
Reduce mouse click repetitive injury by spreading finger labors with keyboard shortcuts
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