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Photoshop In A Day eBook

A Training Manual making Photoshop simple, quick and almost effortless

All the features of CS6, CS5, CS4 and earlier versions are fully covered!

 Easy step-by-step tutorials imparting you the skills to use Photoshop with confidence in just one day!

 Fun and exciting instructions allow you to do dozens of different skills and techniques yourself

 Great for Advanced users and Novices!

 Progressive tutorials allow you to learn at your own pace

Photoshop In A Day is a 600-page eBook formatted as a PDF document. Instantly download it to your PC or Mac and start learning!



Photoshop In A Day is broken down into small tutorials which you follow step-by-step, with screenshots, so you can see exactly what you need to do. No jargon to frazzle your brain, just EASY INSTRUCTIONS so you can glean the essentials without dealing with fat!

Easy Instructions Cut through the Red Tape!
  • Learn how to use all the basic tools, zoom in and out, use the Navigation Panel, layers, create text, deal with resolution, RGB vs CMYK, masks, filters, turn 2D into 3D, create Actions and even animations! Do almost anything you can think of, even the most advanced techniques are covered in Photoshop In A Day—with very each instructions!
  • No technical or Photoshop knowledge required
  • Easy and fun way to learn with over 600 pages with hundreds of small, simple and concise exercises while you read instructions filled with hundreds of illustrations and screenshots.
  • 200 practice images included for you to work on! What you see in the Manual you'll be able to practice on immediately—instantly developing your skills!
  • Photoshop In A Day becomes your permanent Reference Guide, covering almost anything you could ever do in Photoshop. Complete with Index to instantly find the step-by-step instructions you need.
  • FREE support via email for your first 30-days!

Free Bonus:

Get Happier Snaps—a unique guide on taking more successful photos—for FREE! Learn how to improve the impact of your photos with easy-to-follow tips for landscapes, town scenes, sports and people photos.

Free Bonus!

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee



If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the Photoshop In A Day eBook, inform seller within 60 days and receive full refund.

No Shipping - Simply Immediate Download!

Get the help you need to learn Photoshop in as short a time as possible with...

Photoshop In A Day

ONLY $27.00



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Keyboard Shortcuts
Reduce mouse click repetitive injury by spreading finger labors with keyboard shortcuts
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