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L.A. JUSTICELessons from the Firestorm by Robert Vernon
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L.A. Justice
—Robert Vernon

Hard Cover | 254 Pages | $15.00

The drama of California Highway Patrol and L.A. Police chasing a speeding vehicle on the highway was somewhat routine. Yet after the driver, Rodney King, was stopped, history-making events began to unfold. The excessive force of the officers hitting Rodney King repeatedly with their batons, and kicking him—which was captured on home video—stunned the nation.

Assistant Chief of Police Bob Vernon was on duty as acting chief the day the story hit the news. In L.A. Justice he provides an insiders view of how the LAPD responded to those events.

Some in law enforcement, including Bob Vernon, knew that civil unrest was likely to occur completing the trial of the four LAPD officers charged in the incident. Plans were made and training was ordered to ensure the police were prepared. L.A. Justice describes those plans—along with why most weren't carried out.

Why did the police react slowly and without resolve? Were behind the scenes politics allowing a disaster to develop? What smoldering tensions ignited the raging inferno in the Los Angeles riots of '92?

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How do those events relate to today and effect the future? In a unique study of our changing society, Robert Vernon explores five historical root causes of social decay—prevalent today—and offers thought-provoking solutions to the violence, hopelessness, and injustices of our times.

L.A. Justice is also a demonstrated example of how to integrate personal integrity into your workplace through principle-based leadership. Well done Chief Vernon!

About the Author

Robert (Bob) Vernon retired from the LAPD after 37 years on the Force. The son of a 20-year LAPD officer, Bob rose through the ranks from rookie street cop to second in command of one of the world's most respected police departments.

He earned an MBA at Pepperdine University; graduated from the University of Southern California's Managerial Policy Institute; and from the FBI's National Executive Institute. Bob Vernon and his wife Ester, live in Pasadena, California, and have two grown children and nine grandchildren.

Since "retirement" Bob Vernon founded the Pointman Leadership Institute, earlier named The Vernon Group, which has been asked to assist police agencies in former Soviet bloc countries. Police executives from these nations wanted to learn a more democratic model of police operation; including a re-education based on the morals, ethics, and spiritual concepts that developed "Western" culture.

Seminars began in 1994 in the Czech Republic and Hungary, and have since spread to over thirty countries. Not limited to police agencies, interest in principle-based ethics from Pointman Seminars has come from parliament members, military leaders, business professionals, educators, community groups and non-profit organizations.

Pointman's principle-based leadership seminars go beyond just changing behavior. Focusing on the importance of ethics and the true heart of powerful leadership—an individual's character. Seminar participants learn:

  • The difference between managers and leaders.
  • Eight character traits of dynamic leaders.
  • Nine forces that demand change.
  • Ten forces that resist change.
  • Eleven desirable behaviors.
  • Essentials for public/private sector leaders.
  • How principle-based leadership works in real life.
  • The life cycle of organizations.
  • Proven principles that have been successfully implemented across time, cultures, and belief systems.
  • The difference between absolute and relative ethics.
  • Developing creativity, loyalty, and initiative in followers.

For more information about principle-based training and education for professionals contact Pointman Leadership Institute.

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L.A. Justice Table of Contents

Chapter 1   A Living Nightmare
Chapter 2   Snapshots from the Riots
Chapter 3   Rodney King Steps into History
Chapter 4   The Bandwagon Starts Rolling
Chapter 5   The Bandwagon Picks Up Speed
Chapter 6   The Attacks Get Personal
Chapter 7   When Faith Was an Asset
Chapter 8   Gay Rights: An Example of Changing Values
Chapter 9   The Attack on LAPD Intelligence
Chapter 10   Getting Rid of the Old Leadership
Chapter 11   The Christopher Commission
Chapter 12   Bringing Suit Against the City
Chapter 13   Choosing a New Chief
Chapter 14   The Plan That Wasn't Carried Out
Chapter 15   The Nature of the Riots
Chapter 16   Introduction: The Need to Look Deeper
Chapter 17   Root Causes: The Abandonment of Our Children
Chapter 18   Root Causes: Hedonism
Chapter 19   Root Causes: Loss of Conscience
Chapter 20   Root Causes: Neglect of Principles
Chapter 21   Root Causes: Arrogant Elitism
Chapter 20   What We Must Do Now

L.A. Justice by Robert Vernon
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This book can be found in

L.A. Justice
© 1993 Robert L. Vernon
Used by permission.

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