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Showcase of Web Sites

NetResult Web Marketing's growing list of satisfied clients includes e-commerce Web sites, information/service oriented sites, business and non-profit sites and re-construction of pre-existing Web sites.

connecting line combines resources from Wikipedia and YouTube to enhance language learning. This Web site involved over 400 hours of research and construction to feature language courses for 36 languages, with plans to expand to offering courses for over 100 languages! Here you can:
  • Find where in the world that language is spoken
  • Learn how the language developed over the centuries
  • Hear how that language sounds today
  • See and experience the culture were it's used
  • Get that extra help to achieve your goal through the song and dance of your language choice.
Language is more than just communication; it carries values, history, heritage and identity. Here you can experience those elements which build the language and its culture, making LANGUAGE LEARNING FUN at the same time!

Choose from our growing selection of language courses, then...LET THE FUN BEGIN!
  Language Learning Fun

connecting line
Redwood Salvage Sales kept adding more and more information to their old Web site which had been designed several years ago. Rather than continuing with that model, NetResult Web Marketing redesigned their new Web site with a
  • new look
  • new focus
  • compacted navigation
  • new features
connecting line
Oliv & Associates, a San Francisco printing company, needed a Web site redesign. While discussing this redesign, O&A also brought NetResult Web Marketing onboard as a new "associate" not only creating a new Web site for O&A, but also adding Web services to what they offer their clientele. The Web services are administered by NetResult Web Marketing for O&A.

Due to Waymon Olivier's unexpected passing on August 17, 2010, Oliv & Associates is no longer in business. Waymon's Web site remains as an example of work produced by NetResult Web Marketing.
  Oliv & Associates

connecting line
Marin Door To Door wanted a Web site that communicated how their services meet the needs of several travel venues. Plus offering the convenience of booking a shuttle reservation online—with all necessary details—whether to airports, rail or cruise lines. The online reservation service to the public immediately began to relieve the work load of the telephone staff in their office.

There are also Web pages where the public can quickly find the answers to their questions, like "How much does it cost for 2 people from XXXX to the XXXX airport?"—another relief to the phone staff.

With you can also find a selection of travel information to assist in trip planning. This not only helps their patrons, but generates interest in using their Web site.
  Marin Door To Door

connecting line
Do you want your business online, but not in the "traditional" eCommerce manner? See how Aussie Roofing uses the Internet to explain their quality work, display product samples online, invite new customers to free online Estimates, and sell their own "Aussie" Universal 'J' Bracket.

Also, check out the online database for easy references to view their work.


connecting line
Anita's Hide Away previously had a home-made Web site when asking NetResult Web Marketing for improved graphics, ability to take online reservations for her condo, and Internet marketing to bring more visitors to her Web site. See the new re-constructed look, retaining her personal dialog, with additional information to increase interest in visiting Puerto Vallarta. This site creates an enchanting ambiance with the colors, styles and sounds of Mexico.   Visit Anita's Hide Away

Advance Your Skills with a Second Language


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