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For Beginners and Experienced Users

Information is now a valuable commodity, giving individuals and companies the competitive advantage. Keeping pace with today's issues, and rapidly developing Internet technology can leave you overwhelmed, feeling left behind in these changing times. Using the tools on this site can bring clarity to your confusion.

NetResult Web Marketing helps you gain understanding how to use the Internet, and improve the operation of your business. Tour the various sections of this site to learn more about the Internet, and how its resources can improve your net result!

  • NetResult Store houses many resources on learning the tools that interact with. and build elements, used on the Internet.
  • The Marketing section; a four page document explaining Internet Marketing and the services of NetResult Web Marketing. This section gives a brief history of the Internet (prior to Web 2.0), along with presenting the major elements involved in using the World Wide Web.
  • The Site Development section; a three page document explaining the components of good Web site design.
  • The eCommerce section; clarifying the key elements involved in online business.
  • The Links section; over 50 links in the following categories:
    • Internet Education: Learn the Net, tutorials
    • Internet Business: Develop your business, Internet law info, domain name registration
    • Web Design: Web Safe Colors, Scripts, Software
    • News: Web info, eCommerce, Internet, and World News
    • Freebies: Free Graphics, free photos, free software and free fonts
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