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Is the .com name you've wanted taken? The available pool of .com addresses has been drying up, making it harder for businesses to compose a functional name for their domain. Many businesses are choosing the new opportunities available by registering names with the two letter top level domains of foreign nations.

.ws 100% global, works like .com

The .ws top level domain (TLD) has numerous availability of quality, easy to remember .ws domain names. So if "" is taken, "" can still be available—and ".ws" names work 100% globally, just as ".com" names do.

The fee for registering a .ws domain name is $30.95 per year. (Some other TLDs are $40-$50 per year.) Your .ws domain name must have between 4 and 59 characters, not including the .ws extension.

  There's nothing magical about the letters c-o-m, says Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Lise Buyers. Three years ago who heard of dot com? Eventually, these new names will take hold with the public. Within two years, they will have the same appeal.

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who is .ws?

The .ws domain represents the country of Samoa, which was formerly referred to as Western Samoa. It's easy to think of .ws as WebSite. The .ws TLD is intended for use by the general public, companies, or other organizations—the same way a .com can be used. ".ws" is an officially sanctioned top level domain recognized by every country in the world that has Internet access, and needs no special software for its usage.

.ws reliability

The .ws domain uses 5 DNS servers hosted throughout the world with multiple, redundant Internet connections. The largest nameserver is hosted at a co-location facility with multiple DS3 connections to every major Internet backbone. Secondary nameservers are on UUNET, AT&T, IBM, and Telstra dedicated connections providing backup. Visitors will ALWAYS be able to find your .ws domain.

value, availability, reliability

The .ws top level domain is

  • with high availability of name choices
  • and high reliability of worldwide service

Find the domain name you've been looking for; click: dot-WS Domains.

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