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Internet Emoticons and Acronyms  
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Internet Emoticons

Emoticons, or smileys, are symbols used to express emotions or convey facial expressions. Use them in your email, newsgroup messages, or in chat groups.

Create emoticons with your computer keyboard keys. A simple smiley is made of a colon and a right parenthesis. To read emoticons, tilt your head to the left.

   :) a smile, happy
   :-) a smiley with a nose (nose dash optional in any emoticon)
   ;) a wink
   :( a frown
   :-< very sad
   :-> devious smile
   >:-( mad or annoyed
   :-c bummed out, pouting
   :-| grim
   :-/ skeptical
   :-o shouting
   :-O shouting loudly
   :-D laughing
   :-p sticking out tongue
   :-& tongue-tied
   :-* puckering for a kiss
   :-x my lips are sealed
   |-o yawning
   |^o snoring
   |-1 alseep
   x-( dead
   :*) drunk
   #-( hung over
   :-() big mouth
   :-)~~~ drooling
   :~( crying
   8-) wearing glasses
   B-) wearing cool shades
   %-) I've been staring at this screen too long
   :-{) I have a mustache
   {(:-) wearing a toupée
   =|:-) wearing a top hat
   0:-) an angel
   xxooxxoo love, or hugs and kisses
   @>--,--`-- a rose

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Acronyms are like online shorthand and help speed up typing time. Use them in email, newsgroup messages, and chat groups. They can be all capital letters or all lowercase letters.

  AAMOF as a matter of fact
  AFAIK as far as I know
  AKA also known as
  AOL America Online
  AFK away from keyboard
  BAK back at keyboard
  BBS bulletin board system
  BBL be back later
  BIF basis in fact
  BRB be right back
  BTW by the way
  CIS CompuServe Information Service
  CU see you
  CUL see you later
  DL download
  FAQ frequently asked question
  FOAF friend of a friend
  FOTCL falling off the chair laughing
  FWIW for what it's worth
  FTF face to face
  FYA for your amusement
  FYI for your information
  GMTA great minds think alike
  IAC in any case
  IAE in any event
  IMO in my opinion
  IOW in other words
  LOL laughing out loud
  LOLSCOK laughing out loud, spitting coffee on keyboard
  LTNS long time no see
  LTNT long time no type
  L8R later
  MEGO my eyes glaze over
  MOTD message of the day
  NBIF no basis in fact
  NBD no big deal
  NRN no response necessary
  OIC oh, I see
  OFB off to bed
  OTOH on the other hand
  OTW on the way
  PMJI pardon my jumping in
  PC politically correct, or personal computer
  PI or PIC politically incorrect
  RL real life
  ROFL rolling on floor laughing
  RSN real soon now
  RTM read the manual
  SITD still in the dark
  SOS same old stuff
  SYSOP system operator
  TIA thanks in advance
  TIC tongue in cheek
  TM trademark
  TPTB the powers that be
  TTYL talk to you later
  UL upload
  unPC politically incorrect
  WB welcome back
  WTG way to go
  YMMV your mileage may vary

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