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An Effective Web Site
Three Basic Elements
Hosting and Marketing
An Effective Web Site
Becoming Effective
Goals and Needs
What Do You Want To Do?
Selling Online
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Becoming Effective

What makes a Web site effective?

  1. Usefulness
  2. Purpose
  3. Simplicity, yet interesting
  4. Quick loading
  5. Ease of navigation

Web sites that are useful

A major factor contributing to an appealing Web site is having content consisting of free and useful information that people want to read. Your visitors will tell their friends, and soon many others will be looking for the same useful information. Then you'll have your audience to sell your products/services to. Where visitors flock, commerce will follow. With just products and no information, you can struggle attracting visitors. Information promotes itself. Remember to have useful information for effective results from your Web site.

Web sites with a purpose communicated clearly

The purpose of graphic design and layout is to communicate a message with ease to the viewer. This success is determined by the speed and clarity which your message is understood. Visual design is only a tool for relaying your message, but its interpretation is affected by its appearance.

Web sites loading quickly

NetResult Web Marketing employs every step in the process of ensuring a quick loading Web site. The file size of graphics is reduced to as small as possible, while retaining high quality; the graphics' dimensions are pre-programmed into the HTML coding, enabling browsers to instantly determine their size further enabling a quick download; and the link for your hosting server is a high-speed OC3 Internet connection, (faster than a T-3, and equivalent to OC48).

Web sites easy to navigate

Navigating a Web site can easily become confusing. NetResult Web Marketing endeavors to design your Web site so that visitors can easily find what they're looking for. Your site will be constructed so that your visitor will have an indicator of:

  • where they are
  • what they can do
  • where they can go

Good Web design communicates your message while captivating your visitor, compels them to seek further in your Web site, and causes them to take a guided action. The pages need to be designed for the first exposure to the visitor—to grab and keep their interest. First impressions are very important, and on the Web, the decision to stay or go can be made in the first five seconds of viewing your page.

Goals and Needs

  1. You must first get a clear idea of what your specific goals are for your Web site. Successful Web sites succeed because they provide solutions to problems. What are the problems you are trying to solve?
  2. Define what the problems are of your target audience. What particular needs do they have that you can fulfill?

If your visitors' need is not fulfilled, they'll look somewhere else, and you will not achieve your goals. Think about what you can offer your visitor, and what they are seeking. Your information must be presented in a way that meets their needs, and enables them to respond to your offers.

What Do You Want To Do?

—What are you promoting?

  • An idea or information
  • Your hobby
  • Products/Services

—Why is your Web site needed?

  • What are the problems of your target audience?
  • What are their needs?

—What attracts visitors to your Web site? According to Forrester Research, the factors driving repeat visitors to their favorite Web sites are:

  • High-quality content: 75%
  • Ease of use: 66%
  • Quick to download: 58%
  • Updated frequently: 54%
  • Coupons and incentives: 14%
  • Favorite brands: 13%
  • Cutting-edge technology: 12%
  • Games: 12%
  • Purchasing capabilities: 11%
  • Customizable content: 10%
  • Chat: 10%

These are very important questions that will be addressed throughout your Web site project, and have a great impact.

—How will you receive/ship orders? Fulfilling your customers orders in a timely and efficient manner is essential to providing satisfying service, and creating repeat sales.

Selling Online

What are the unique qualities that would influence people to buy from your Web site? What can you offer, that others don't?

  • Low prices
  • Large selection
  • Your shopping cart software is easy to use, and you ship internationally
  • Along with your products, you provide information services
  • A unique service, targeting a special need like
    • a medical practice specializing in a certain type of treatment
    • a scenic tour service for Italian/French/German speaking tourists
    • professional instruction on making a canoe
  • A unique product that is not available everywhere, or have grouped a category of products together like
    • surplus outdoor supplies
    • online design classes and supplies for heraldic artists
    • Skywear skydiving T-shirts
    • Hard to find language courses, or a large selection of language in the following banner ad...
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