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Hosting and Marketing
Web Hosting
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Web Hosting

A Web hosting company sells space on a computer, which has server software for managing Web site files. It provides a directory on a hard disk, and your Web pages are placed there. NetResult Web Marketing can host your Web site as a virtual domain, meaning your URL will look like this:, and can recommend an ISP if needed.

NetResult Web Marketing can also provide assistance in helping you select your domain name. The available pool of dot-com addresses have been drying up, making it harder for businesses to create a functional name for their domain. Find out today about the new opportunities available to get the domain name you desire.

NetResult Web Marketing can design your Web site and host it. See our Hosting Service for details.

Learn more about the eCommerce solutions of NetResult Web Marketing today.

Marketing Tasks

The marketing tasks that NetResult Web Marketing can perform to bring people to your Web site are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of enabling your Web page(s) to achieve top rankings in search engine searches. NetResult Web Marketing can find the top-ranking keywords for your site and incorporate them into your Web page(s), enabling you to get top-rankings in searches. Get an advantage over your competition with the SEO Popular Keyword Service offered from NetResult Web Marketing.
  • META Tags: Your Web site will be built with META tags designed so that search engines can catalog your Web pages, enabling Web surfers to find your Web site according to its content.
  • Page Titles: Make sure your Web page titles are understandable. Some search engines place the page title at the top of your listing; use the title as a link to your page; or index the words used in the title.
  • Page Content: Design page content for search engine indexing. Some search engines look at the first couple of lines on a page and collect them as a description of the page. The page headings and beginning text are important for this reason.
  • Links: Establish reciprocal links with related Web sites.
  • Link Directories: Link Directories are Web sites with directories of links to related Web sites. There are Link Directories to a variety of subjects—health, real estate, technology, etc.—and NetResult Web Marketing can place your link on Link Directories related to your business.
  • Search Engine Registration: NetResult Web Marketing will register your Web site by hand to get your URL placed with the most popular search engines: Alta Vista, About, AOL Search, AskJeeves, Direct Hit, Excite, FAST Search, Google, HotBot, LookSmart, Lycos, MSN Search, Netscape Search, Open Directory, and Yahoo!
  • Search engines continue to change their policies and network alliances. In 2003, Yahoo! purchased Overture, which had recently acquired FAST (a Norwegian search company operating and AltaVista crawlers; Yahoo! also purchased Inktomi, a major database used by several search engines. This gives Yahoo! control of Overture, FAST, AltaVista and Inktomi. In 2004, Yahoo! discontinued using Google for providing search results.
  • Most of the above sites now require registration fees to guarantee inclusion into their database, or that they will even review your site. The fees are as follows:
    • Yahoo!: A $299 annual, non-refundable fee is required for business sites. Yahoo! Express will review your site within 7 business days. Yahoo! Express does not guarantee a listing in the Yahoo! directory, nor does it guarantee the type of placement or description an accepted site will receive. They only guarantee they will consider your site for inclusion.
    • The Open Directory:The Open Directory Project is a human-operated directory which is also a data source for popular search engines such as Google, AOL Search, Netscape Search, Alta Vista, HotBot, Lycos and hundreds of others. This is a no-registration fee channel to get into several of the most popular search engines.
    • Business Network reaches more than 30 million unique users a month. This network of partners includes: the Wall Street Journal Online,, Promo Magazine, Medical Meetings, FinancialTimes, AgriClick, DeltaFarmPress, AutoWorld, ElectronicBusiness, UtilityBusiness, CBS MarketWatch, HomeCare, WorkLife,, BusinessWeek, ElectronicMusician, OnStage, Clubindustry, National Real Estate Investor, CatalogAge, and many others.
      • Having a $199 Standard Listings annual fee, your Web site is reviewed within 5 business days, and allows you up to 5 links listed. With Standard Listings, your listing appears alphabetically in search results; and is NOT shared in the partner network; and there are no reports with Standard Listings.
      • Get top placement with Featured Listings. Featured Listing uses a Cost-Per-Click program where you pay only for the traffic you receive (if someone clicks on your URL in the search result). No $199 annual, but there is a 40 cent minimum per click cost. With Featured Listings you also receive custom reports on your click performance; and ARE included with all partners in this network.
  • Register your Web site with additional search sites. There are search engines in the U.S. and other countries which may be of value in having your Web site listed.
  • Locate search engines that are focused on your area of interest, and have your site registered with them. Like Qango-Auto World for automotive sites, Aviation Search Engine for aviation and aerospace sites, DermGuide for skin health sites, BizWeb for business sites, etc.
  • Search Engine Acceptance Check: Check your Web pages, adjusting the page title and META tags to improve your listing.
  • Newsgroup Announcements: Announce your Web site at newsgroup announcement sites.
  • There are new product announcement sites. If you have a new product to the market, it can be announced there.
  • There are mailing lists and newsgroups that review products. If you have a specific product you're promoting, a product review can be done by these groups.
  • Interactive Features: NetResult Web Marketing offers several interactive features which can draw new visitors to your site and enhance their experience when they are there.

Affordable Costs

The technologies of the Internet continue to evolve rapidly, and keeping pace with the new breakthroughs can be difficult. Therefore, technological expertise will involve an in-depth understanding of current hardware and software solutions, new technologies, Web site development, systems integration, and security issues. A Web site project must be carefully planned and executed. This requires the combination of a variety of skills.

These skills involve more than just basic Web site design, and bring into focus the entire experience of the Web visitor—what they see, how they navigate, how they obtain information, and how they will conduct transactions. Creating a compelling user experience has a direct tie to market competitiveness. It also involves the development of tasks that will steer traffic to your site. Success is to attract an increasing number of visitors to a Web site and make them repeat customers.

Incorporating all of these elements in Web site development can be a considerable financial investment. Plan your Web site production according to your budget. Design time, marketing, and technology have bottom-line costs. In dealing with this reality, NetResult Web Marketing endeavors to provide the highest quality of services at affordable, competitive prices.

Along with making your Web site project affordable and effective, NetResult Web Marketing intends to help you learn how to use the resources of the Internet. Envision the possibilities of what can be done with your Web site. Contact NetResult Web Marketing today to setup your Web site project!

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