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Creating Rules in Outlook Express

Rules can perform several functions for you automatically. Below we shall see how to create a rule in Outlook Express that will automatically place a certain incoming email into a specific folder. We will create a rule which places all email addressed to John Doe in the John Doe folder.

1.  Open Outlook Express. Before setting up the rule, you need to create the folder where you want the email to go. To do this:

  1. Go to the pull-down menus at the top of Outlook Express and click View then Layout...
  2. Make sure the Folder List is checked. If not, check it, then press the Apply button, then press the OK button.
  3. Now your folder list will be in view at the left margin of Outlook Express.
  4. Highlight Local Folders by simply clicking once on the image next to that text in the left margin list.
  5. Now go to the pull-down menus and click File, then Folder, then New... and a dialog box will open.
  6. Local Folders should already be selected in the dialog box, so just type in the name John Doe and press OK.
  7. Now the John Doe folder is created.

2.  Now you are ready to create the rule.

  1. Click Tools
  2. Then click Message Rules
  3. Then click Mail...
  4. Then click the New... button
  5. In the dialog box, in the first field marked 1. choose the box that says "Where the To line contains people"
  6. In the field marked 2. choose "Move it to the specified folder"
  7. In the field marked 3. click on the link that says contains people
  8. In the resulting dialog box, type in then click the Add button, then click OK
  9. Now click specified in Move to the specified folder, then click the John Doe folder in the dialog box, then click OK
  10. In 4. you can name the rule, such as John Doe, then click OK

Now any email that is addresses to will automatically be placed into the John Doe folder when your email is downloaded.


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