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Site Development with NetResult Web Marketing
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Project EstimateSite Development TimeDeveloping META Tags

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Tools for the Team

You will need to provide the necessary components for developing your Web site, like:

  • page text
  • photos
  • advertising materials
    • company logo
    • product brochures
  • databases

If you don't have some of these components, NetResult Web Marketing can develop these for you.

Choose a Web Site Project Manager. It's best to choose one person from within your company to assist in coordinating your project. This person will be the hub of communication between all parties involved.

  The Visual Message

Tools for the Team

Information Promotes Itself
  orange dot  Project Estimate

Your Project Estimate will address:

  • the proposed technology for your project
  • the number of Web site sections and pages
  • the estimated hours for site development
  • monthly hosting costs

Before production can start, a description of the purposes of your site needs to be formed. This involves:

  • your goals and the key points you want communicated
  • the text needed for the pages
  • the graphics that need to be produced

  orange dot  Site Development Time
  • When do you want your site production to start?
  • When would you like your site to go live on the Internet?
  • Consider how often will your site require updates or database changes—daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually?

After the Web pages are built, with their text and graphics complete, comes the testing and quality assurance phase of site development. It is essential that every piece of the project get tested .

Spelling must be checked, every link checked on every page, and the pages tested in different browsers. This is detailed work which can take some time, but it is essential for producing a professional product.

Please be aware that a Web site project can take several weeks to develop before it's ready to be launched onto the Internet. Depending on the size of the project, and the complexity of it's technology, it can take four weeks, or longer, for the completion of a project.

Contact NetResult Web Marketing today to setup your Web site project!

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  orange dot  Developing META Tags

META tags are used by some search engines to index a Web page. If someone searches for a word that appears in one of your META tags, the search engine will find your Web page.

There are so many pages on the Internet that Web surfers often search for "strings" of at least two or three related words at once, like "California commercial property." If you have all three words in your META tags listed separately, you'll be listed below someone else's page. If the Web surfer targets all three words together in a keyword phrase, your page will be higher in the results list.

If you were looking for your type of product, what search string would you use? The most obvious words are the ones you want to have in your META tags. If you have to think too hard, usually others will not think of those words either. Another way to find good keywords, is ask yourself, "What problems and needs is my product solving?" If you are selling a chair that helps people sit comfortably, "sports injuries" might be a good keyword for your META tag. The purpose of keywords is to target words that will bring people to your site.

Another way to develop your keywords list is to visit the major search engines and enter your keywords one at a time. In the results list, study a few of the top pages which have a similar topic to yours. Notice if there are any other keywords that you could add to your list.

To see the META tags of a Web page for:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, from the menu bar choose View/Source
  • Netscape Communicator, from the menu bar choose View/Page Source

Additionally, there are several other META tags which NetResult Web Marketing incorporates into your Web site to improve search engine results.

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