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Information Promotes Itself

Building a Web site with free and useful information that people want to read will cover 75% of the work required in making a successful site. Word will spread, and you'll have visitors arriving to see your useful information. This can bring the audience to sell your products/services to. With just products and no information, you can struggle attracting visitors. Information promotes itself.

It's been researched and proven that black text on a plain white background sells products better than any other combination. It can be tempting to have an attractive watermark background incorporating your company logo. But however nice it may look, it's interfering with the text and making it harder to read. So remember, dark colored text on a light colored background creates the best contrast for viewing.

It is also best to break your document up into bite-sized paragraphs, each with its own heading to give the reader something to focus on. If you have an exceptionally long document, it can be made more readable by breaking it up into three or four smaller pages.

  The Visual Message

Tools for the Team

Information Promotes Itself
  orange dot  Lead the Visitor

Your Web site needs to be designed so that you lead the visitor through the information about the products or service you're offering; keeping them focused on what you can do for them, and how they can benefit from your offers. This must be done with ease for the visitor, and enable them to find what they're looking for.

Think of the items your visitor wants to find, then make sure they can find them easily.

  • What is the product or service you're selling?
  • What are its unique features?
  • What are the costs of your services/products?
  • How can your visitor order it?
  • How can your visitor be helped with their questions?

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  orange dot  Your Contact Info

Your visitors need to be able to get their questions answered. This is done by making available:

  • Company email address
  • Business phone number(s)
  • Business mailing address
  • Departments so your customers specific needs can be addressed
    • Sales
    • Information
    • Customer Service
    • Shipping
  • Names of individuals with each department, including email or phone numbers

Place your Web site address on your letterhead, business cards, fax cover sheets and all other appropriate material. This will help to build awareness of your site.

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  orange dot  Developing a Links Page

A links page at your Web site lists links to other Web sites with content similar to yours, or that would be of interest to your visitors. For example: If you have an emergency supply store, there are several cities and government agencies with excellent plans and ideas for emergency situations. These would be helpful links for your visitors.

A links page needs to be a helpful service, and should enhance the usefulness of your site. But links can take visitors away from you too. A links page needs to be located in your Web site after your visitor has viewed what you have to offer. If your visitor arrives at your Web site and is immediately given links to other Web sites, they may quickly leave without discovering what you have to offer.

A way to make sure your visitor doesn't actually leave your site when they link to another site is, the links can be set up so that the linked site is displayed in a new window. They'll still have the window open showing your Web site, and the newly loaded page will be in a different, separate window.

At the sites you're linked to, NetResult Web Marketing can request a link be placed to your Web site. This can help bring more visitors to you. Other sites where you are requesting a reciprocal link can be very selective in choosing a site to link to. So make sure your information would be of significant interest to your visitors before requesting a link.

A way to find other Web sites that you may be interested in having links to, or be linked from, is to go to a search engine and type in one of your keywords from your META tag, and then go to the top of the search result list. This will enable you to find Web sites of similar interest, which have an abundance of traffic.

If you build a useful links page, you can draw traffic to your site from your satisfied visitors, who will spread the good news about the help they received from visiting your site.

  orange dot  Joint Effort

Building your Web site is a joint-effort. With the ideas and materials you supply, along with the ideas, technical skills, and materials of NetResult Web Marketing, we can form a design team for building a successful Web site.

Contact NetResult Web Marketing today to setup your Web site project!

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