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Site Development with NetResult Web Marketing
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What is

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The Visual Message

Compile a list of features you would like to see incorporated into your Web site.

Do you need sound, animation, interactivity, forms, site search, databases, special JavaScript features?

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These various elements are taken into consideration for developing the overall message communicated through your Web site.

  The Visual Message

Tools for the Team

Information Promotes Itself

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Do you want any particular font styles used?

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Type composes a mood for your Web site. It's a voice that speaks with a tone, contributing to your pages' nature and character. For this reason, the fonts selected for your Web site need to identify with the purpose, theme, and style of your site. There should be no more than three typefaces on one page.

  orange dot  Color

First impressions of your Web site can be critical. You have only a brief moment to catch the interest of your visitor. According to the Institute for Color Research, people make a subconscious judgment "within 90 seconds of initial viewing, and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone."

A color effects the responsiveness of the viewer. When choosing colors, consider these elements:

  • Colors reflect the message you are communicating.
  • What mood is the color?
    • Warm colors suggest excitement.
    • Cool colors attach dignity.
    • Blue, money green, burgundy, gold and gray attract business persons and are associated with professionalism and quality.
    • Red, yellow, bright and vibrant colors attract the general consumer.
  • The emotional responses of the gender viewing your site.
  • The culture of your visitors effects how they perceive what is communicated through color.

Consider the effect of color with the page content. Is the color and the content formal or casual; serious or humorous? Color has meaning to the viewer, and needs to be carefully selected to carry the message that you want communicated.

Color has more impact when it's used with careful selection. It loses this effect when overused.

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  orange dot  Style

Adding music to your site contributes to the "feel" you want the viewer to experience. The more senses engaged, the more powerful and lasting will be your communication. Choose music that's compatible with your message.

Is there a particular style, or atmosphere, you want communicated in your Web site? Here are are few ideas:


Historic, of a particular era:

Old West1920s

Regional or Cultural:




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  orange dot  The Message

What are the top three messages your product/service needs to convey?

List what you want the visitor to accomplish. Here are some examples:

  • Find information
  • Buy products
  • Subscribe to your eNewsletter
  • Participate in your poll for your collection of information

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  orange dot  The Audience

Who is your audience?

  • Their age
  • Their gender
  • Their culture
  • Their interests
  • Their needs
  • Their skills

Carefully consider your audience, as well as the messages intended for them.

Spend time identifying the needs and desires of your visitor.

Consider how experienced your visitors are with the Internet, and what forms of advertising effect them. You want to create an experience that relates to your audience and draws them into your site.

  orange dot  Compare

Look at your competitor's Web sites.

  • List what you don't like
  • List what you do like

Look at other types of sites too, to get ideas of what you might like.

Record the URL addresses of sites you do like, so your Web site designer can see what you would like done.

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  orange dot  Organize

How will you organize the information?

  • Alphabetically
  • Categorically
  • Chronologically
  • Location
  • Magnitude/size

The way information is organized influences:

  • The relationships of the information
  • What the viewer perceives as the most important

These points will enable your Web site designer the insight to create the site that you envision. Available technology and cost-effective solutions can be discussed more easily when you have given your perceptions and input regarding your desires for your new Web site.

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This document contains images from Windy's Design Studio and African Crafts Online. Used by permission.

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